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Weight Loss Tips

CowThe Power of Leptin

I've got a little assignment for you! Right now, I want you to stop reading and chew 20 times. Really, I'm not kidding - please do that right now!

OK, did you do it? Great! It seemed like you were chewing a long time, right? Yet, that is how long we should chew EVERY BITE we eat! Your teeth and saliva are the first step in the digestion process. If we're shoveling our food and gulping it down, we skip that first stage of digestion.

This little trick, chewing your food as long as possible, can also help you lose weight! Studies show that the slower you eat, the LESS you'll eat. It takes your brain anywhere from 10-20 minutes to release leptin, the chemical that says "I'm getting full. I'm starting to feel satisfied." You can either eat a LOT before that leptin kicks in or a LITTLE by chewing slower. Either way, you'll start to feel satisfied in about 20 minutes.

So the more you chew your food, the slower you'll eat, and chances are, the less you'll eat. Try it and see!