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Weight Loss Tips

TennisDo Something You Love!

When it comes to exercise, do something you love! It doesn't have to be athletic or difficult. Just get up and move for 30 minutes every day. Do you like to play tennis? Take the dog for a walk? Would the kids love a trip to the park? That's all exercise. It's a habit you want to develop by doing it every day. Pretty soon you'll miss it if you don't do it!

30 minutes of daily exercise boosts your mood, lowers blood pressure, burns fat (especially when combined with a healthy diet), helps prevent osteoporosis and cancer, and boosts your immune system. You are not your body. You live inside your body. It will give you whatever you demand. If you ask for nothing, it will slowly become more and more inactive. If you ask it to move, exercise will get easier and easier. And you'll feel better and better!