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Stevia A Natural Sweetener

Stevia is a wonderful substitute for sugar, and it's natural. It isn't a chemical, and it doesn't raise your blood sugar at all. That's what we want. If we eat something that raises our blood sugar, our pancreas releases insulin to bring that glucose level back down. That's the way God made us, so that's a good thing. However, insulin tends to be a fat storage hormone, so the more insulin you release the more likely you are to store what you eat, rather than burn what you eat. That's why I believe sugary foods are the biggest enemy to losing weight.

I use stevia in my tea, coffee, steel cut oatmeal, everywhere I want a little sweetness. Stevia is potent - you don't need a lot! I cook with it, but I always tweak a recipe first in order to get just the right amount of stevia. You can buy it so many places now. It's a great way to cut calories and to keep your blood sugar levels more consistent!