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The One Day Way by Chantel Hobbs



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Take a look at Chantel Hobbs, and you might not believe she was ever morbidly obese. Now a personal trainer, spinning instructor, and marathon runner, she has the perspective needed to empathize with those of us who struggle every day to lose weight. In her latest book, The One Day Way Hobbs gives an insight into weight loss we don't often see. Her approach isn't a quick fix, but a commitment to do the best you can, just for today.

She explains early in the book why our past attempts to lose weight have failed. Many times it's because at some point we became convinced that “this time isn't going to be different from the rest”, and we accepted that. By focusing on today and today only, we don't get caught in that trap. Although we might fail some days, if we concentrate on choosing to succeed just for this day, tomorrow won't stop us. Neither will yesterday.

By measuring our weight loss success in small “bite-size” goals, Chantel Hobbs tells us to celebrate the time we choose fruit instead of cookies or exercise when we don't want to. These small victories are the secret to making a big difference in our lives. And if we make a mistake, it's easy to move on because tomorrow is a fresh start.

The nuts and bolts of the One-Day Way involve writing down what you eat throughout the day, evaluating how you did, and at the end of that day, actually ripping up the paper to demonstrate the fresh start that tomorrow will bring. Hobbs offers “The Ten Commandments of The One-Day Way to Eat for Weight Loss”, which is full of common sense "commandments” like drinking more water, asking yourself how hungry you really are before you eat, and never skipping breakfast.

She also gives us “Ten Commandments to be Fit for Life”, the best of which is “figure out how to love exercise”. This allows us to find what fitness routine works for us, not some one-size-fits-all exercise regimen.

There are testimonies throughout the book of women who were very discouraged and overweight until they worked Chantel's program. They are credible, relatable stories about imperfect people whose lives have truly been transformed.

Using a medicine ball and resistance bands, Hobbs demonstrates simple strength training exercises, complete with how-to photos. These moves are attainable for the average person and not too complicated.

The books ends with The One-Day Way Contract that helps us make the commitment and the attitude changes needed to succeed. It doesn't commit us to specific diet or exercise rules, but is more a commitment of attitude. This is really what sets this weight loss program apart - we change from the inside out, undoing the thinking patterns that have sabotaged our efforts in the past. Although the practical diet and exercise plan is sound and sensible, this internal change is what makes the difference.

Hobbs explains to us that the power to overcome begins with a loving God, and she has a list of powerful Bible verses at the end that apply. She says, “No matter what religion you are, and even if you've never believed in a higher being, today can be the day you choose to allow the God of the universe to take over and be your everything!”