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How to lose weight was a mystery to Carol for years. She was chubby as a child, but she was told she was "big boned". She slimmed down for her high school and college years, but her early years of marriage and raising young children were full of baking and cooking for her young family. The weight gradually crept onto her petite frame, and when her pants didn't fit anymore, she actually wondered what had changed with her laundry detergent to shrink her clothes! That's the kind of denial she was in until she saw a photograph of herself with her kids at a horse show, FROM BEHIND. There was no denying the weight gain anymore. This was the beginning of her journey to lose weight and get healthy.

For the next ten years, she studied weight loss, nutrition, and exercise, becoming a certified personal trainer and a certified group fitness instructor in the process. After losing 40 pounds over the first two years, she continued to build healthier habits in order to keep the weight off and increase her energy. She loves to encourage people to eat well, exercise moderately, and get lots of sleep.

Carol trains clients of all ages and abilities in their homes. She has also taught her Totally Fit in 12 Weeks weight loss program in local churches, as well as dance fitness classes and other group exercises. As a Christian, she believes that God cares about our bodies, what we eat, and how we feel. She believes our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we can glorify Him as we live a healthier lifestyle and keep our flesh under control. It's easier to serve Him when we feel great!

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